Josh "Skull" Dixon

I am a punk rock artist, husband, and father of two lovely girls currently living in the Pacific Northwest, where I have been for over a decade. There has never been a time in my life that I was not watching Cartoons; even now, as a professional in the industry, I continue to consume animation in significant quantities – preferring animation to more realist films and shows. It was always a foregone conclusion I would become a cartoonist. My bedroom as a kid was full of drawings, characters, comics, and story ideas. My whole life, I have lived most of it in my head, and it’s a great joy of me that I get to continue to use that lifetime of dreaming and imagining in my career.

I got the nickname Skull in 1995 and have been going by it professional since graduating with BFA from The Art Institute of Portland. I never tell anyone how I got my nickname; I do like to hear other people’s thoughts on how I got it. They always amuse me.  

I have been into Tabletop Roleplaying Games and Punk Rock since 1995, both of which have played a significant influence in my artwork and outlook on life. On top of my love of Punk music, I also enjoy a wide range of other genres, including Steampunk, Ska, Swing, the occasional Hip hop, Pop Rock, Grunge, Folk Metal, Prog Rock, Speed Metal, Alt Rock, and Indie Rock.

With Tabletop Roleplaying Games, I love the cooperative storytelling that a group of friends or strangers can craft together over a long campaign. Often the game system and mechanics can be important when it comes to these games, but the thing that always brings me back is the stories. I have been both a Player and Gamemaster for a long time. I have played many different games, including Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons, Palladium Fantasy, Marvel Universe, Mothership, Star Wars WEG, and Rolemaster.