Here Be Monsters Vol.1 – Digital



  • 15 Unique Monsters.
  • Rules for converting Monsters to your Favorite Game system(s).
  • Full Monster Ecology For each Monster.
  • Full Artwork for each Monster.
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Here Be Monster is a collection of monsters to use in any game system or style of play.

These monsters are a byproduct of my weekly monster drawings that I stream on Twitch during 2018. I draw one monster a week and draw what comes to mind at the moment; as I draw I imagine what these creatures are, where they live, what they eat, and how I could subject my players to them in my home game. After a while, I had a lot of these creatures drawn up and I thought they would make a great addition to anyone’s game.

This product contains no stat block for each of the monsters. Using these creatures in your game, you will need to create the stats for them based on the game rules you are using. My goal with each monster’s ecology is to give you insight and tools to help you create their stats for your game and help give them well-rounded personalities. I’ve kept them brief and straight to the point so that you do get bogged down with a lot of reading.

Please make use of these creatures as you see fit in your role-playing games, or discarding what you like from the monster ecologies I wrote up for each one.


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