Here Be Monsters: Attack of the Ooze – Digital



  • 11 Different unique Ooze Monsters for use in D&D and other games systems
  • Rules to help to convert the Ooze Monsters to your favorite game system.
  • Random Roll Tables with various Effects.
  • Inspiring and fun artwork for each new ooze Monster.
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Her Be Monsters: Attack of the Ooze is a compilation of Monsters I draw as part of my Weekly Monster Drawing on Twitch. This is a series of Ooze monsters and random roll tables that you can add to your game and have a lot of fun with.
I’ve been drawing Dungeon and Dragons inspired monsters every week for three years now and I wanted to mark the occasion. I am putting this up as a “Pay what you want” product that you can download and share. If you use these monsters, please give me a shout out on twitter so I can hear about how much your group loved/hated encountering all of these Oozes.


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