Diminishing Returns – PDF


Captain Blackheart is dead.
The crew knew that he was hiding something from them and confrontation was bound to happen. Now the Captain is dead, lying in a pool of blood. Billy Blood is saying he is the new Captain, but Mustang Sally says he is dead wrong. The pirate station is now at war with itself. None of them are expecting outsiders to raid the station. But the biggest surprise is bidding its time; Captain Blackheart is still alive.

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This Scenario is all thanks to all those awesome people who backed “the Black Pyramid” Kickstarter. Within the first week of the two-week campaign, we unlocked the final stretch goal of extra content, which is the “Diminished Returns” scenario.
I did not have an idea originally when I made that stretch goal of what the extra content was going to be, but since The Black Pyramid had some Space Pirates in the scenario I figured I would create a Space Pirate lair that those pirates had been a part of it. This scenario can be attached to the Black Pyramid or played by itself and is designed for 0 edition of Mothership.


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